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As a professional roofing company, we provide variety roofing services and inspection that we can help you to select the most competent and inexpensive materials to use for your roofing needs. No matter you are looking for a simple flat roof, shingle roof, or something more complex, we can fulfill your requirements. Once you have any needs for roofing or even in exterior or interior, we are pleased to be there cause we also cooperate with general contractor.

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Flashing Replacement

Flashing is a easy-access spots for water to enter home, so a high-quality flashing is important and best defense for your roofing.


Asphalt is the most common material that people use in roofing, but there are different brands, colour, styles, and even materials.


A proper attic ventilation can work in a efficient way that helping you save the money from lower heating and cooling cost.

Gutter and siding

Don’t forget about gutters, siding and fascia. They are not just being a charming addition to the exterior of your home. They can provide protection through removing the heat from the attic and preventing moisture build up.


Skylight becomes a major part for new housing that it is not only efficiency through eliminate the need for electrical light use in the day, but also aesthetically pleasing in design.


Winter is the longest period season in Canada which means ice dam can be a big trouble for your roofing. Our roof underlayment can be the extra protection for your roof as we cover the rest of the roof with synthetic underlayment.

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